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(405) 525-3131

4301 N. Classen Blvd.
Suite C (North Entrance)
Oklahoma City, OK 73118


Our Mission
Strengthening the ability of people to work together for community change.

How do we do this?
With training and mentoring services for engagement,
empowerment and leadership in our communities.

At Possibilities, our purpose is deeply rooted in the belief that people hold immeasurable potential. We are bridge builders, engagers of connection, and catalysts for change within our community.
Our why is simple, yet profound:
We pour into others so they can pour into our community,
creating a ripple effect of positive change. Join us!
Our Core Values

we create an environment where people feel safe

The word possibility is really about trust. If you believe that something is possible, you have a trust in what you do and the people you are going to do it with. Become a part of the growing number of people who trust that their dreams are possible.
we honor the worth of each person
Every person has the right to be treated with worthiness and respect. That
becomes hard when people hurt us. Dignity helps us strengthen and build relationships. Possibilities puts in real time how to create a life based on dignity vs. judgment.
we start where people are and join their journey
Service is about kindness, and compassion, and empathy. In order to grow, we have to be able to put ourselves into others’ shoes. With Possibilities, we teach you how to feed your spirit so that you stay nourished when you are of service to others.

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