The Hive, our connection collaboration, is just that: a collaboration – or hive – of connection. At Possibilities, we have always believed that there are infinite ways of connecting people, and we are creating a collaborative “hub” for connection. We hope you will explore all the ways this world has for us to connect to others… oh, and won’t you join us?

Karen Kellow

Prairie Song Qigong

Qigong (Chi Kung) is the cultivation of your life force energy through gentle exercises, meditation and clinical treatment. Rooted in Taoism, Qigong treatment is an off-the-body expression of Classical Chinese Medicine.

Derrick Sier

OMOS Team Building

When we are intentional in observing the world around us, we can be taught a multitude of lessons about life. OMOS offers of variety of workshops, keynotes & retreats that are tailored to your organizations needs.

Crystal Hawkins

Mind Body Counseling
Crystal A. Hawkins, MEd, LPC

The mind body approach to therapy is different- it is not about changing behaviors or thoughts. Since the answer is always within, it’s about reconnecting to the wisdom of the body: the intuition.