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Possibilities is excited to launch the community driven podcast series Building Bridges in 2021.

There are so many podcasts out there to which you can listen. In fact, in the process of launching this one, we sifted through so many similar podcasts, in name and mission. But as we were searching, we reflected and then remembered why we wanted to step into the podcast world. In March of 2020, during a time where every business and organization was forced to adapt to survive, Possibilities launched a project called “The 24 Hour Ice Breaker: Breaking Ice. Building Bridges.” It was so successful, it transitioned into another project called “The Conversation Continues…” which carried the one time project into a 6 month Possibilities Alumni initiative.


So, here we are. Coming up on a year since our grand idea of Breaking Ice and Building Bridges… with the urge to continue the conversation by expanding our reach into the virtual podcast arena and redefining what we have traditionally classified as Community. We hope you will join us!