Join us for Nothing.


Possibilities invites you to attend a workshop embracing nothing. Yes, you heard us right – you don’t have to learn anything, take notes, accomplish anything – you don’t have to do nothin’. Before you say “what a waste of time,” let’s look at the world we live in. There is too much information, too much news, too many things to accomplish. We really don’t have the time to breathe and see what directions our lives should go. It is like we get in a car, go on the highway and drive 90 with no idea where we are going.

Our Nothing workshop will talk, sometimes light subjects sometimes harder subjects. We may laugh and cry. We will learn to enjoy the comfort and pace of the currents of life and each other. Our promise is that after each session you will feel refreshed, energized and more connected! So, join us – we think you will be pleasantly surprised at how many things can come out of nothing.



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