Facilitating & Innovating Community Change

Join a passionate group of people doing the footwork of creating connection in our community.

Possibilities’ Inside Out Community Leadership Program is an immersive training and mentoring program for advancing engagement, empowerment and leadership in our communities. Our special sauce: living the values of Trust, Dignity and Service. While still similar to the former Innovation Program in values and teaching tools, Inside Out is a much shorter, more flexible program better suited for today’s climate. We are excited for you to begin your Inside Out journey.

What Does It Take?

Inside Out is a three-part program training community members to lead, innovate and facilitate community change. Each part includes an intensive weekend retreat, plus practice experiences. Following the three-part course, the class has an additional 4-6 weeks to complete their community project practicum. Also includes individualized coaching and hands-on experience working in and with diverse groups.

An Inside Out Community Innovator is grounded in the foundation of our three core values: Trust, Dignity and Service. Their individual Innovator skills are developed from the inside out, first by breaking down the barriers that separate us from one another and building trust within themselves and others around them. They work to find the worth in themselves, others, and that the true value of service is about kindness, compassion and empathy.

Self: The Deep Dive

When we know and understand our own motivations, strengths and limitations we become stronger leaders. Our ability to help others is improved when we grow from the inside out. Part One is a deep dive into our internal self-motivations, learning styles and strategies, and increasing our ability to break down the barriers between ourselves and those around us.

How Do We Get There?
  • Setting The Space: Why Inside Out?
  • Assessing Who We Are & Why
  • What is Values-Based Living?
  • Creating My Vision: Designing a Life Map
  • Defining My Personal Goals & Plan of Action
  • Passion vs. Purpose: Building A Strong Foundation
  • Sacred Circle

Others: Connecting & Facilitating

What does it look like to serve, gain trust and treat people with dignity? In Part Two we turn the focus from internal to external and answer the question “How do I use what I learned about myself to help me connect to others?” We explore the key components to connection and facilitation, and who benefits when we become people/service/community-focused.

How Do We Get There?
  • Setting The Space & Values Based – Why Are We Here?
  • The Physical Space
  • Norms & Agendas
  • Facilitator Toolbelt & Toolbox
  • The Washing Machine (Icebreaker Training)
  • The Dryer (Team Building Initiatives)
  • Non-Violent Communication & Conflict Resolution
  • Cultural Walk
  • Vision of The Quilt
  • Reconciliation: The Sacred Circle Deconstructed

Community: Innovator Development

What is community innovation? How do I take my passion, find the real needs of a community, and make an impact?
In Part Three we integrate what we have learned about ourselves and working with others, and dive into the tools and structure to create powerful, positive community change.

How Do We Get There?
  • Setting The Space – In The Community
  • Norms. Icebreakers. Teambuilders. Oh my!
  • Surveys (The Context)
  • Asking The Community
  • Data Analysis & Interpretation… The Fun Way!
  • The Blueprint (Project Development)
  • The Action Plan
  • Project Practicum Launch!

Your class’s Project Practicum has launched! We have walked all the steps, done the leg work – now is the time to put our work into action in the community. Your group has four to six weeks to implement your initiative in your target community. Upon completion, the class will come back together to learn Debriefing, Evaluation and Next Steps. And, of course, celebrating our successes.

Fall 2023 Inside Out Program:

COST: $50
September 15th -17th         Opening Retreat
September 30th                    Classroom 1  (9a-3p)
October 21st                          Classroom 2  (9a-3p)
November 4th                        Classroom 3  (9a-3p)
Now Accepting Applications (rolling admissions)


  • Values are the beliefs that drive our behaviors. To embody trust, dignity and service while working with others creates an Inside Out community leader.
  • Please describe.
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  • Please explain.
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  • Fall 2023 Inside Out Program:
    September 15th - 17th Opening Retreat at St. Crispin's Retreat Center, Seminole, OK
    September 30th Classroom 1 (9a-3p)
    October 21st Classroom 2 (9a-3p)
    November 4th Classroom 3 (9a-3p)
    Project Practicum Dates to be scheduled with your group following Classroom 3
  • Payment in full is required before the opening retreat, Sep. 15th. Do you need to discuss additional payment options? (Answer will not impact application.)
From Our Alums

Possibilities has given me the tools to develop a project to change the culture of my school and community!

Possibilities makes others feel comfortable enough to share ideas and step up to the plate. There is a sense of freedom rather than judgment that some environments offer.

Through Possibilities, I was able to awaken a spark within me - it introduced me to the path to being an intentional leader.

Possibilities has helped me build upon my personal strengths in communicating with others, advocating for myself, and has made me feel more confident about my ideas and strengths as a leader.

I've been able to learn and understand difference, and how to have conversations that really 'go somewhere' when a controversial topic is on the table.

Possibilities opens people up to communication, listening, understanding, and working to make change. It has helped us understand how deep a lot of issues and feelings go, but that these are issues that can be fixed if we work together.

Possibilities helps grow people to become better citizens in our changing world

Most of all, I've realized I CAN help. I'm not idle anymore. I am not alone. I have like-minded people around me, and we are making that happen by doing better, living better and truly knowing people.

Possibilities work affects our city as a whole and can touch lives despite political affiliation, socio-economic status or culture.