Authentic communication… really?

The thought of connecting with those around us seems a simple process. We have technology that lets us communicate with others with the touch of a finger. We have networking events that we use to socialize and meet people. Yet, many times we still have feelings of not truly connecting with others at a meaningful level. We feel overwhelmed, rushed and have a sense of not being enough.

Research shows that to truly connect at a meaningful level, there must be some transparency of who we are. This means we should be able to allow people to see us as we are. The social norm we model today is one of not revealing too much about ourselves. This may help us to not be vulnerable to hurt, yet it also keeps us from having truly transformational connections with others.

Authentic communication is an opportunity for you to find the courage to allow sharing your uniqueness with another in a safe environment. This workshop will help you learn a process that helps reduce conflict and relate to others in an empathic manner. You will find the courage to celebrate who you are and also find skills that will help you connect with those you work and live with.

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