strengthening the ability of people to work together for community change.

Possibilities helps people gain skills to work for positive change by advancing the values of Trust, Dignity and Service, while understanding and addressing conflict that arises from our differences. We understand that the results of such conflict in our society are isolation, social anxiety, fear and mistrust. The power of connection and diverse relationships is the core of our organization. Our vision is to build synergy through diversity, cooperation and creativity. Connection is critical for us to flourish as humans.

how it all began.

Part I

Possibilities began at a meeting of some very enlightened people in 1994. It was a set of meetings where a large group of community leaders were brainstorming what OKC could look like by the year 2020. This was before there was a Bricktown and the Thunder. The question was: How do you make OKC a place that people would want to come live and visit? How do you make OKC popular when there are deteriorated neighborhoods and inadequate schools. That was the incubation of a program called Possibilities, which later became an incorporated non-profit in 1998.

In 1999 I became a part of the organization that was called Possibilities. One of our first foundations that exists to this day is people had to find answers to their problems from the inside out. Meaning that experts weren’t the key to fixing community problems, but the people who live and work in those communities were the key. This belief is the cornerstone of how Possibilities operates.

Possibilities supports people as they improve themselves, their families and their communities. Possibilities Innovation Program (PIP) combines values-based training, practical experience, coaching and project support for diverse citizens who focus in schools, neighborhoods, houses of faith, non-profit organizations and businesses. Diverse citizens of all ages and backgrounds solve problems together. Representing 171 communities, trained leaders transform through projects as diverse as they are. A few examples: addressing youth obesity through family events, support for vulnerable senior citizens, beautification efforts and safety events. Possibilities is a proud United Way partner agency.

Part II

1999 is when the present staff began working at Possibilities. We didn’t have much besides an idea at that time. Two things happened that helped cement our future. The first was with the MAPs program, 7 OKCPS schools were to be closed. Our job was to help communities decide how the empty buildings would be used. It was amazing because we turned angry mobs into coalitions of people who created positive impacts on their communities.

The second was we came up with an idea that we could have a stronger program if we could work more intensively with people. We were just finding that our society was becoming so mobile that there were not many opportunities for people to just spend time together. With the help of a grant from the city of OKC, we launched the Training Institute, which later became Possibilities Innovation Program and today is called Inside Out.

Our Core Values


We create an environment where people feel safe.


We honor the worth of each person.


We start where people are and join their journey.