What do you do?

Possibilities teaches community leadership skills and helps people set and achieve their own goals. Our core program is the cutting-edge Possibilities Innovation Program (PIP), Engaging and Transforming Communities from Within. Through training, coaching, mentoring, and project support, PIP teaches values-based tools that help participants achieve their goals for themselves, their families and their communities. One of the best introductions to Possibilities is the regular People’s Network dinner where families gather to share and hear about what is happening in their communities.

What are the results of your work?

People connect with others and use their strengthened leadership skills to improve lives in greater Oklahoma City and beyond. Projects typically lead to:

  • Safer neighborhoods
  • Stronger families
  • Community Supported Schools
  • Economic growth

Who do you work with?

Possibilities connects people from all walks of life to help them work together for community change. Program participants are very diverse in age, economic level, education level and ethnic backgrounds. They have the desire to improve their leadership skills to make positive changes in their own lives, the lives of their families and in their communities in common.

Where do you work?

Possibilities works where invited by the community. Historically, work centered around the inner city within 90-95% low to moderate-income areas and has expanded to include greater Oklahoma City and beyond. Participants define their own communities and focus their efforts in neighborhoods, schools, houses of faith, non-profit organizations and other businesses.

How do people find you?

Most people learn of Possibilities by word-of-mouth. Those who go through PIP say that it is a life-changing experience, so they share it with others. This leads to a broader base of trained leaders in PIP communities.

How are you funded?

While participants are asked to financially invest in the organization, Possibilities does not charge individuals. With no government funds, Possibilities is privately funded through foundations, corporations and individuals. Possibilities is a United Way partner agency. Possibilities also contracts to provide specialized training and facilitation services for businesses and other groups.

How many people do you reach?

Possibilities conservatively estimates that its work benefits more than 50,000 each year. Program participants and graduates work with their neighborhoods, schools, houses of faith, and businesses to carry out community improvement projects.

Why does the work of Possibilities matter?

Possibilities helps people solve their own issues so that the root causes of social issues like poverty, isolation, dependency and struggling schools are addressed from within local communities, ultimately decreasing the need for direct services. Everyone has a dream for themselves, for their families and for their communities. Possibilities builds confidence and teaches tools that access resources so that people can achieve their dreams, ultimately creating a better city for all of us.