Recent PIP Community Projects

Doing What I Can

Providing weekly home-cooked meals to our homeless neighbors

Project Vision: We are all in this together to help our neighbors experiencing homelessness. If we all just do what we can and treat each other with dignity, we can make a huge impact. Join us, however you can.


“We have all made bad decisions in our lives. Some much worse than others. Regardless of a persons good or bad decisions nobody deserves to be hungry. I don’t have the answers to the difficult questions and situations in our country, but I can provide a meal to a few people that I hope will help them get through another day and know that there are people in our world that care. So, I am doing what I can.” – Steve W.

Doing What I Can was born out of Possibilities Innovation Program (PIP) class of 2019. Each Sunday PIP innovator Steve Warren works with Norman community volunteers to feed 50-100 Norman & OKC residents experiencing homelessness. If we all just do what we can, our impact can be enormous. Join us if you can. Read Steve’s story here.

PIP All-Star Team

OKC Community All-Star Mentoring Program

Group Vision: The connecting communities group creates impactful, joyful, friendships while being of service and breaking bread with others. Our first effort will be the ALL STARS Community Mentoring Program focusing on 3 core areas: health & nutrition, caring for our community, and creating passionately powerful readers.


The OKC All-Star Mentoring Program kicked off in August of 2019 with the S.E.L.F. (Spirituality, Education, Literacy &Finance) Forum  & All-Star basketball game at John Marshall HS. Over 40 middle school and high school students participated in the forum and basketball competitions. From there, 21 students chose to participate in the monthly All-Star mentoring program in one of three clubs: CAST Chefs, BAE Reading & Essay, or SLAY Community Garden & Clean-Up. Clubs met on the 4th Sunday of the month and all three groups came together at lunchtime to share a meal prepared by the CAST Chefs and engage with a guest community leader speaker. Year one was scheduled alongside OKCPS school year; however, due to COVID-19 the program ended early in line with school closures.

PIP Support of Children Project Team

Birthday Parties With A Purpose

Team Vision: Birthday Parties With A Purpose provides an inviting safe environment to develop meaningful relationships with at-risk children and parents. We do this by providing resources for parents, reading labs and financial programs.


This monthly event is not just about celebrating birthdays; the team strives to support foster families by providing a variety of resources each month. Each month has a theme (ex. Literacy, highlighting the book series “Pete the Cat”). The team provides take home materials to go along with each theme, provides tutoring (STEM) and mentors for each child. They also put together workshop for the parents (ex. financial responsibility and hair care).

PIP Community Togetherness Project Group

Family Fun Obstacle & Mud Run at FD Moon Elementary

Group Vision: (lbs) O.F.F. Mud Run is reaching communities and building relationships to overcome childhood obesity by learning easy family fitness skills and having fun.


Working to overcome childhood obesity, 120 children and families learned from the Fire and County Health Departments, enjoyed Zumba, an action filled obstacle course and resource bags at Moon Academy. Children conquered fears and had fun, active experiences with their families.

PIP Revitalization Project Group

Southeast High School Revitalization

Group Vision: Southeast is reaching out to our neighboring businesses and community to join us in our endeavor to beautify our school, creating an inviting and peaceful environment for community pride.


Their first step was engaging their students and the community in a cleanup and planting. Southeast had 100+ volunteers including students, teachers, parents and local business sponsors. The group plans to make this an annual project sustained primarily by student groups and community supporters.

PIP OAHNI Project Group

SONFEST Summer Community Festival at Prevailing Church

Group Vision: Communities coming together to enjoy food, fun, and fellowship through community outreach and ministry.


OAHNI brings diverse communities together through youth choir and performing arts to build stronger family relationships and strengthen spirituality. OAHNI continues its annual SONFEST, bringing 400+ people together to combat the crime and gangs that have historically plagued the area.

EDUCARE Project Group

Annual Educare Carnival

Group Vision: Educare United brings family, friends and the community together with fun activities, music, dancing and great food in a safe environment with awesome weather.
Educare United ocasiona familia, amigos y la comunidad , junto con actividades de diversión , música, baile y buena comida en un ambiente seguro con un clima incredible.


The OKC Educare School Celebration continues to bring family, friends and the community together to connect and celebrate. This partnership of parents and staff replicated the end of year celebration and recruited additional partners (+11% over prior year), parents (+31%) and staff (+76%), ultimately achieving a successful event for 381 children and families.