Discover a unique group of people working together to create positive community transformations in greater Oklahoma City and beyond.

Where we began:

In 1994, 90 private and public stakeholders created a vision and plan for the future, called Central Oklahoma 2020. Possibilities emerged in 1995 from the goal to strengthen families through neighborhood based systems, largely through the efforts of founding President Linda Lambert. Possibilities continues to strengthen central Oklahoma, helping reach the vision of connected citizens and thriving families in vibrant communities.

The power of connection through relationship with diverse groups of people is a defining feature of the organization. Possibilities builds synergy through diversity, cooperation and creativity. Possibilities looks to local solutions for problems, helps people gain skills to work for lasting change, teaches partners to create shared vision, promotes respect and understanding and addresses conflict that can arise from difference. Addressing issues such as poverty, isolation, dependency, struggling schools, crime and deterioration, Possibilities work is critical for a vibrant City.
What we do:

Possibilities supports people as they improve themselves, their families and their communities. Possibilities Innovation Program (PIP) combines values-based training, practical experience, coaching and project support for diverse citizens who focus in schools, neighborhoods, houses of faith, non-profit organizations and businesses. Diverse citizens of all ages and backgrounds solve problems together. Representing 171 communities, trained leaders transform through projects as diverse as they are. A few examples: addressing youth obesity through family events, support for vulnerable senior citizens, beautification efforts and safety events. Possibilities is a proud United Way partner agency.

Values & Intentions


We honor the worth of each person.


We learn through success and failure.


Our actions match our words.

Participation and Inclusiveness

We seek solutions from local people & every person is a part of the solution.


People support what they help create.


We start where people are and join their journey.


We create an environment where people feel safe.